Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Festival at church

The Sunday before Halloween we had a Fall Festival at church.  The kids were able to paint pumpkins, color, play games and do a cake walk.  We also had pumpkin carving for those that wanted.  It was a fun time of fellowship.  Hadley loved playing games.  Jillian was the only little one in the nursery and loved having her Ms. Amy to herself.  Then Ms. Amy brought her out to paint a pumpkin.

Hadley and Mr. Philip showing off their beautiful nails.
 Time to paint a pumpkin (we used paint pens and they dried very fast).
 The men doing their carving.
 Jillian with Ms. Amy

 Hadley picked a picture of Ariel for Mike to carve on the pumpkin.  These are the only pictures of the pumpkin that came out and they aren't that good.

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Christie's Endless Craze said...

Nice pumpkins! Why didn't Mike let Hadley paint his nails??