Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Visit with family

This last Friday and Saturday we made a quick visit to Kansas.  Mike's oldest sister Tammy and her son Thanasi were in town from Baltimore.  We headed up Friday morning and met Tammy, Thanasi, and Marlene for lunch.  We then headed to our hotel and let the kids swim.  Hadley and Thanasi hadn't seen each other in a year but you would have thought they were best friends.  They had a great time.  That night we took pizza out to Marlene's and let the kids play.
The kids didn't want to eat they wanted to get right to playing.
Time for some Dora Bingo
We got the girls ready for bed before we headed back to the hotel.  I forgot a nightgown for Hadley so a t-shirt of daddy's had to work.
On Saturday we headed to Exploration Place.  The kids enjoyed it.  Jillian was our tour guide.
Daddy and Hadley learning something.
Thanasi hard at work.
Jillian and Granny
My girls
More pictures of the fun.
We had a great visit.

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