Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quick trip to Kansas

I am finally blogging about our trip to Kansas last weekend, just in time to leave again tomorrow.  Life has been busy with a sick kiddo.  There is nothing I hate more than to have a kid with a virus and nothing you can do to help them.  Luckily Jillian is finally feeling better and the rest of us seem to have been able to keep from getting it.

Last Friday, Hadley, Jillian and I headed to Kansas.  My Aunt Krista, Uncle Tim, Cole, Cade and Claire had been in Kansas for a week and Friday was the first day we could get there.  We had Vacation Bible School and the last night was Thursday.  So, the girls and I packed up and headed out first thing Friday morning.  We left Mike at home to get some work done and relax.  He has been working long hours and we thought he could use the break.  We hung out at my mom's on Friday and Tim, Krista and the kids came down before they had to leave for home that night.  Hadley loved being able to play with the big kids.  Cole is 13 and Hadley could not get enough of him.  Cammie brought Brennen and Brylee over to play too.
First thing the kids did when we got there was have Lady read them a book.
Then it was time to play.
Cole and Cade used the moose hat to entertain Hadley.
I don't know what Brylee and Hadley were saying to each other in the next few pictures but I love Brylee's expressions.
That night we headed over to my Grandpa's for pizza.  I didn't take my camera.  After we got back to Lady's we got ready for bed.  As I took a diaper out to the trash I noticed all the lightening bugs.  I decided to take Hadley out in her jammies and try to catch some.
Not a very successful hunt but it was fun.  The next day it was time for some swimming.
That afternoon we headed out to the Hittle house for food and fun.
We were so happy to see Lydia.
Hadley and Jillian loved riding on Lydia's tractor.
When we got there Caroline was still napping.  As soon as she woke up this was the scene.
Caroline is such a cutie.
Next up time to eat.
I had to get my baby fix in.
Megan, Brent and Norah Kate were there too.  Hadley could not get enough of Brent.
At one point the 3 older girls were all jumping on the bed.  This was all supervised by Brent and Kane.  Hadley will now tell you that it is ok to jump on the bed if someone is there to keep you safe.  Thanks Hittles and Wolfs for a fun evening.
The next morning was our main reason for our trip.  When my Grandmother passed away there was a memorial set up at her church, The First Christian Church in Winfield.  They used the money to purchase a sign and there was a dedication after church on Sunday.  Jillian stayed with Audra while Hadley and I headed to church.  It was neat to take Hadley to the church I went to when I was about her age.  I think my Grandpa Sisson was happy to have his family fill a pew and a half.  Here is a picture of Grandpa and the sign.  On a side note I sometimes call Grandpa, Gramps.  Hadley heard that and now she loves to call him Gramps.
After church we had lunch and headed back home.  It was a fun trip and we are headed back for the 4th of July!

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