Friday, July 17, 2009


We have had a busy week so I am just getting around to post about our visitors. On Tuesday, my mom and Aunt Kim came down for a visit. We met them for lunch when they got to town. Then we headed to the house to hang out.
Hadley had to make sure Grandlady was in diva form.
Aunt Kim and Jillian
Hadley trying on Aunt Kim's glasses.Time to play zoo.Jillian enjoying her bumbo.
Hadley and I had Mommy and me swimming (more on that in another post) that night. It was too hot for Jillian so she stayed home with Grandlady and Aunt Kim.
Ready to go swim.

On Wednesday we had church playgroup in the morning. We were meeting at a splash park to play. It was still too hot for Jillian so Grandlady stayed home with her. Aunt Kim, Hadley and I had a good time at the splash park.
Here are a few pictures from the splash park.
Mom and Aunt Kim had to head home on Wednesday evening. It was great having them in town. We miss you already.

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Mom-Grandlady said...

We had such a great time with you girls thanks for playing with us. Uncle Alex did a great job last night in Haysville but it was a late night. Grandlady is getting to old to stand by a pool and time for 2 hours after my bedtime. Avery came and spent the evening with us. Have a great weekend. Love you, Mom