Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mommy and Me Swimming

Last week Hadley and I started a Mommy and Me swim class. It was at a pool near Mike's office. He would meet us there after work so he could take Jillian. It took Hadley a little while to warm up to some of the things but overall I think she had a good time.
Mike came on the last night to watch and take pictures.

Ready to get in.

Time to swim.

She did go underwater a few times but this was her face after going under.

Then 5 seconds later she was proud of herself and telling me all about it.

Here is video of us singing "The Wheels on the Bus", this was one of Hadley's favorite things to do.

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Mom-Grandlady said...

good job girls and Hadley sure doesn't want to go under does she. Love you