Sunday, July 5, 2009

Trip to Kansas

On Thursday afternoon we packed up the car and headed to Kansas. This was our first trip since Jillian was born. I was a little nervous about the car ride but it went great. Jillian slept the entire way and Hadley slept and watched a DVD. We did make a couple extra stops for potty breaks and Hadley did great.
We got to my dad and Terry's around 7:30pm and Hadley wanted to be by their sides right away.

On Friday the girls and I headed to my mom's for the day. Mike had some work to do and went to his mom's. While we were in Winfield I got to see my brother Bryant and his kiddos. I also got to see the BFEs and their kiddos.
My niece Maleyah holding Jillian
My nephew Issak playing with Hadley

Bryant and his kiddos.

Hadley, Lydia and Norah Kate enjoying some snacks. Barrett hadn't arrived yet. We did get pics of all the kids together but I didn't use my camera. I will post some when I get them.

Mom was babysitting Brylee for the weekend while her mom and dad were on a trip. She wasn't feeling good on Friday and spent most of the time on Grandlady's lap.
Brylee, Grandlady and Maleyah

Issak being a statue from Night at the Museum.

Granny and Grandpa also made the trip down to visit.
Granny and Jillian

We finished up the day on Friday eating dinner with some good friends the Beenkens. I some how managed to not get any pictures while we were with them :(
On Saturday we spent the day at my dad's. Hadley headed out to the pool at 11am and didn't come in until 7pm. Don't worry I reapplied sunscreen every hour :) We had a great time hanging by the pool. Mike's mom and sister were able to come over for the afternoon. My dad and Terry's good friends Joe and Betsy were also able to be there. It was a great 4th of July.

Jillian all ready for the holiday.

Hadley in her 4th of July dress.

Mom and Jillian lounging in the shade.

Our little fish Hadley.

Daddy and Hadley having fun in the pool.

Jillian taking a nap on Grandpa.
Betsy holding Jillian.

Joe taking Hadley for a swim.

Granny and Jillian.
Granny and Hadley in the pool.

The gang swimming.
Daddy and Jillian taking a snooze in the house.Hadley and Granny playing grocery store. In this picture Hadley was telling Granny there was a mess on aisle 3 and she better clean it up. I can see a first job at a grocery store in her future.
Grandma and Jillian.

Grandpa and Hadley singing in the karaoke machine.

On Sunday we headed to Winfield to visit my Grandpa.

I love this picture. I am so glad that my girls are able to meet most of their Great Grandparents. I have many fond memories of sitting on my grandpa's lap and cuddling.

Grandpa Great and Jillian

Before we headed back home we took lunch to mom's for another quick visit.
Brylee and her beautiful eyes.

Grandpa, Grandlady and Jillian.
We had a great holiday weekend!


Mom-Grandlady said...

Great pics and after that weekend I bet you are wiped out today. Enjoy the day and relax! Love you, Mom

Granny Jean said...

Thanks for the great post,love those pictures? Makes me tired just reading about your weekend. Could it be because you are a BIT younger than I am? It was so good seeing you and the girls!