Saturday, July 25, 2009

Visitor and pictures

On Friday, Mike's mom came to spend the day with us. When she got there we were outside so she pushed Hadley on her trike. Hadley even talked her into pushing her to the park to swing.

While they were walking around Jillian hung out in her Bumbo.
Then she decided to sit on mom's lap. Check out Hadley's face in the background. She was waiting on Granny and singing away.Here are Granny and Hadley getting some down time after the park. Thanks Granny for spending the day with us.
Today we had Jillian's 3 month pictures taken. We have always had great luck with Portrait Innovations. When we started going there we would go in Wichita. I was very excited to see that they opened one in Tulsa a couple of months ago. We took Hadley to have her 2 year pictures there and had an ok experience. After today we have decided the Tulsa one is nothing like the Wichita one. When we would have pictures taken in Wichita we would have a hard time picking only a few we liked. In Tulsa we have a hard time finding any we like at all. It did not help that we had to wait 45 minutes (we even had an appointment). Jillian was done after about 5 minutes. I picked her up and she fell right to sleep in my arms. We got a few we liked but none we loved. They gave us a coupon for next time but I don't know if we will go back.
Here are some of the shots from today.
She started out with all smiles.
I am still debating if I like the bow or not. Mike doesn't like it.
Hadley started out kissing her sister.
Then she made a face like what is going on.
Here Hadley is saying, "Jilli doesn't like me."
After this I picked Jillian up to try and calm her down and this ham started doing her thing.

We did buy a few we liked they are already on the walls. Now people can stop worrying about our wall of Hadley pictures. It is now the wall of Hadley and Jillian.


mom-grandlady said...

I like the pics it just looks like they needed to get Jilli bird's head up better it always looks like she's sliding down. Perfect pic of Hadley at the end, so her. Beautiful Models. Love you

Jessica B said...

I start laughing everytime I look at that picture of Hadley singing. She looks like a cartoon character. I LOVE that first picture of Jillian. What a cutie. I have to say that I like the picture without the bow better. I also love Hadley's dress in the last couple of pics...sassy.