Friday, December 5, 2008

Bad mom!

This is where I admit that some days I am a bad mom. Like yesterday when Hadley was still in her pajamas at lunch and stayed in them until about 5pm. The only reason I changed her is she really wanted her shoes on :)
Here is a picture of her eating lunch in her jammies. It didn't help that we were both fighting colds and wanted to cuddle most of the day.

On the good mom front we have started decorating for Christmas. No tree yet, but that will be done by the end of the weekend.

I put out a Little People Nativity Scene and Hadley loves it. So much so that Baby Jesus is just Baby G at our house. Wonder what she will call Mary and Joseph?


Krista said...

Claire, also fighting a cold, just got dressed at 3:00. We're not bad moms, just sympathetic!

Laura said...

LOVE the Little People Nativity set! Too cute!!

You are so NOT a bad mom!! Barrett stayed in his jammies ALL day yesterday. When they're sick, they just want to be comfy. And with him puking every time I turned around, there was no need to get dressed! If I hadn't needed to run to the bank, I wouldn't have gotten dressed either!

I hope you all start feeling better soon. We're getting there!

Bethany said...

Hey! We have that Little People Nativity Scene too! The kids love it...but they seem to love the Christmas train set more...but Huntler is OBSESSED with all things train!

And you are not a bad kids stay in their jammies a lot too. So much so that Chris even told me I shouldn't waste money on Gymboree because they are either naked or in jammies at least three days a week! I beg to differ!!

Anonymous said...

Sick or not, as long as she ate, I'd consider the whole day a success! Feel Better!