Friday, April 5, 2013

Phone pictures #2

Here are some more pictures from my phone.

Hadley trying on her tball helmet.
I needed to be cleaning one morning but Jillian sat on me so I wouldn't get up :)
Testing out standing up
Trying out sitting like a big boy.
Ready for game day.
One cool girl
Trenton loves the vacuum.
We spent some time outside on a beautiful day.

I love this picture.  She told me she needed to stop and talk to her friend.
Sunny day at the soccer field.
Picking up cousins at the airport!
Lady and the kids on St. Patrick's Day.
Letter H pancake for Hadley.
Auntie Jessica and Trenton
Hadley reading to her class.
Hadley feeding Will.
Craft time
Sophia, Will and Hopper at the airport.
Trenton loves to look out the window.
Peachwave with Lady.
Lazy Spring Break morning playing in brother's room.
The girls went to an American Girl Doll themed birthday party.  Here the dolls are at their table.
Sick baby boy

Some of my reading material
Easter morning
Attack daddy
Learning to drive at a young age.

Hadley playing catcher at tball.

Finally feeling better.

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