Thursday, April 4, 2013

Phone pictures #1

Since I have entered the world of smart phones I have been using it for a lot of my pictures.  I will hopefully start doing a post every week or two with the pictures from my phone.  If we are friends on facebook or instagram you may have seen most of these.  Here are the first half of the pictures

Jillian on crazy hair day at school
 Trenton in his ducky bath tub
 Hadley's socks on mismatched sock day.
 One of Trenton's favorite toys
 This little man is found at my feet a lot throughout the day.
 This is the book we did for a Bible Study during Lent.  I would suggest it to everyone.  I actually would recommend any book by Adam Hamilton.
 Hadley loves to wear these ballet shoes around the house.  They are from when she did ballet last year.  I asked if she wanted a new pair and she said no.
 My crazy girl waiting in the pick-up line for sister.
 Hadley can be found with a book in her hands most of the time.
 Jillian ready for soccer and Hadley ready for basketball.
 Trenton and Grandpa Kent at Hadley's basketball game.
 The girls at the circus(this was a daddy/daughter date because mommy doesn't like clowns).
 Trenton at the soccer fields.

 Waiting her turn to play.
 Allowance time

 Little man and his binkie
 Beautiful day for a scooter ride to the park
 and some swinging.
 This girl loves her brother.

 Little man smiles.
 Barbie time
 More time at the soccer field.

 It was a hard game.
 Will and Trenton
 Cousins on St. Patrick's Day.
 Green pancakes by Daddy
 Fun at the park
 Sad to send these 2 back to Arizona.  I cry every time they leave.
 Dinner out with the family.
 Attack of the baby brother.
 Play time
 Jillian told me she wanted to be a mommy when she grows up!

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