Friday, May 25, 2012

34 weeks

Time for another belly picture.  It is just getting bigger :)  I was amazed that I have not gained any weight in the last month.  I hope this baby is sucking some fat from my thighs.  I am feeling pretty good.  Just the normal pregnancy tired and having a hard time sleeping for long periods of time.  I am feeling the need to nest but Mike is not wanting any baby stuff in the apartment until last minute.  He has offered to rent me out to nest at other people's houses.  Mike and I are getting very excited to meet this little man and so are the girls.  Jillian asks once a day if it is "ly" (July) yet so she can meet brother.  They both love to talk to my belly and talk about how they are going to help once he is here. I think I will have lots of help!
I also just realized I never put his name on here.  I didn't know if we would ever agree on a name but we found one we both love, Trenton Michael.


Jessica B said...

You can come and nest at my house. I feel like I am falling behind. :) You look great!

Jennifer P said...

Amber, you are so cute! I love the name.