Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nothing new

I really don't have anything too exciting to blog about.  We are busy living life and having a good time. 
 We celebrated Mike's birthday last week and I managed to not take a single picture.  I think he would think of that as a birthday present.  He sometimes thinks I might go a little overboard on the picture taking.
For Mike's 35th birthday I surprised him with a night away at a local historic hotel, The Ambassador.  My mom came to watch the kids and we had a nice relaxing time away.  We had dinner at a seafood restaurant that was delicious, Bodeans.  We spent most of our time relaxing and sleeping in.  I did manage to talk Mike into a picture before we headed to dinner.

The girls have both adjusted to going to school and activities well. They are both very tired when bedtime rolls around at 7:30 each night.  Hadley is loving school.  She says her favorite parts are outside play and painting.  She also loves all the new songs she is learning and can't figure out how I know them and can sing along with her. She always asks, "Mom did you teach that song too?"
Jillian loves school as well.  She loves to play on the playground and playing with the toys.  I love that she comes running to me when I come to pick her up and says I love you about 5 times on the way home.  Helps me to know that she misses me as much as I miss her.
Since we haven't taken pictures of anything exciting, here are a few of the girls from the past week.

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