Thursday, July 7, 2011

Porter Peaches

Last Wednesday we made a trip to Porter, Oklahoma to get some peaches. It is about an hour drive. We started the morning with swimming lessons and then loaded up in Jill's van and headed for Porter.  Loading up in the van took a little longer than expected.  Getting 5 car seats to all fit was interesting but Jill and I got it done!
Here was my view looking into the back of the van (Hadley was with us but you can't see her).
 We stopped at McDonalds for some lunch.  The kiddos really weren't in a picture taking mood.

 After lunch we headed to the Peach Barn to get our peaches.  We didn't go to pick them just buy them from the store and have some homemade peach ice cream.  It was delicious!  We had to take pictures of the kids being the cowboy.

 Yummy ice cream.
 We wanted a group picture in front of the peaches, this is the best we could do.
We brought home a good amount of peaches and Jill taught me how to make peach jam.  It is delicious and I am going to try to make some more on my own this weekend.  I may also try to make strawberry jam.
This was a fun little road trip.  We thought for sure the kids would nap at least part of the trip.  Caroline was the only one that slept.  The kids did great in the car so we might have to plan another road trip soon.

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Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

OMGosh! LOVE Porter peaches. Haven't had any in several years. Good luck with the's the BEST!