Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July and more

It is still the 4th of July so Happy 4th to all.  I had intended on getting a post up earlier in the day but the day got away from me.  We have had a great weekend and this post should fill you in on all that we did.
Friday night we went out to dinner at Red Robin and then did a little bunk bed shopping.  We are planning on moving the girls into one room eventually and wanted to start getting ideas on beds.  We haven't found what we want yet.  After the girls ran all over the furniture store (actually they were very well behaved) we went out for frozen yogurt.  This is one of our favorite things to do in the summer.

Saturday started early for me.  I wanted to beat the heat and get a good run in.  When I got home Mike went out to shoot his handgun while the girls and I ran errands.  After lunch we put the girls down to rest and nap and I headed over to Jill's for a lesson on making peach jam.  We had gone to Porter earlier in the week to get peaches (post coming soon).  We made a batch of peach jam and it is delicious.  Thanks Jill for teaching me!  After our jam was made we all headed to the pool.  We are members of the pool in Philip and Jill's neighborhood so Mike and the girls met me there.  We enjoyed some pool time. Both girls are improving with their swimming.  After swimming it was time to go home for a quick dinner and bedtime.
Sunday started with church.  The girls were very excited to head to church in their red, white and blue.  We even got Daddy in on dressing patriotically.

We spent Sunday afternoon taking it easy and preparing for a late night of watching fireworks.  Mike and the girls doing some work.
 Jenks did their fireworks show on the 3rd this year.  The aquarium stayed open late so that you could set your chairs and blankets out on their back lawn and walk around inside while you waited for the show to begin.  This was a great idea because it was still pretty warm in the evening.  We met Philip, Jill and the kids there (we all joked that this weekend was full of Kirk/Maud time).  The kids had a blast doing a scavenger hunt that was set up throughout the aquarium.  When we finished that it was just getting dark and we headed out to wait for the fireworks.  It started to sprinkle while we were waiting and cooled down to the perfect temperature.
Since I missed getting a picture with the girls before church we did it before we left for the fireworks.

 Family picture and yes Mike has food in his mouth.
 Our model striking a pose.
 Philip, Harry and Peter
 Jill and Caroline. I love Caroline's outfit, Jill made it.  Maybe that should be the next thing I have her teach me :)
 Jillian checking out the planes during the fly by.
 Mike and Hadley watching the fireworks.  I have to admit this is the first year we have let the girls stay up for the fireworks.  We have always been in a lack of sleep mode and never wanted to mess with their schedules.  This year they are finally at a point that they actually sleep and we can stay up later now and then.  It was well worth it because they both loved the fireworks.
We got home around 11pm and got the girls right to bed.  We had to wake them up early this morning to get to the Firecracker 1K Fun Run.  After our family 5K in May Hadley has been asking to do a race with me.  I decided we should do a Fun Run as a family and what a fun way to celebrate the 4th of July.  To round out our Maud/Kirk weekend the Mauds joined us for the Fun Run.  Peter and Hadley had been talking about who was going to win throughout the week.  I was a little worried it the race might end in tears but it did not.  Peter was the winner in our group but everyone did great.  Hadley ran almost all of the 1K we had to slow down a few times.  At one point I was starting to get a few steps in front of her and she pushed my leg back.  She did not want me to beat her.  If anyone would start to get next to her she would get a very determined look on her face and start to run faster.  I can see she might be a little competitive.  Mike pushed Jillian in the stroller for most of the race but let her out in the end to run across the finish line while we cheered her on.  We all had a great time and ended the morning with brunch.

 Can you tell that Jillian is a little fond of Harry?
 Hadley refused to have her picture with the group and Peter was too fast for me.  But Harry, Caroline and Jillian look cute before the race.
 My girls after the race.
After brunch we came home to relax.  The girls watched a little Mary Poppins while Mike and I tried to keep our eyes open.  When the girls got up from nap we headed outside for some sidewalk painting.  That lasted all of 5 minutes before they were complaining of the heat and even a popsicle bribe wouldn't keep them outside.

 Mike didn't get to go in the cool with us, he had to stay out and mow.

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