Monday, July 18, 2011


This weekend we had some change going on at our house.  We moved the girls into a room together and made Hadley's room into a playroom.  We have been talking about it for some time now.  We knew the day was coming that Hadley would need to move to a bigger bed (she was in a toddler bed) and Jillian would need to move out of her crib.  That being said Jillian never crawled out of her crib and was sleeping fine in it.  We just knew that the transition would go smoother if she saw Hadley getting a bigger bed at the same time.  We had taken them to look for bunk beds and even let them pick out their own bedding.  Luckily I was able to manipulate the choices so they somewhat matched.  We finally found the bunk beds we wanted.  We wanted some with stairs (just seemed a tiny bit more safe).  On Friday late afternoon, Mike and I started putting them together.  While we worked on putting the beds together Jillian and Hadley had fun with the boxes.

We stopped for dinner and got back to work.  The girls really wanted to sleep in their new beds that night.  We finished up and started our bedtime routine. We knew it would be rough because it was new and past normal bedtime.  We weren't planning on them not being asleep until 11pm and up the next morning at 5:55am.  Good news is that each night seems to be getting better. 
The girls have been having fun playing in their new room together and in the playroom.

It is so much fun to watch the girls play together more and more.  They love to play make believe.  I hope that they continue to love sharing a room.

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laura mcpherson said...

How cute! I LOVE the bunk beds. They look so fun and the stairs are really nice! Those girls are going to have such great memories in their new room together!