Friday, May 28, 2010


While the girls and I were back in Kansas I came up with a surprise for Mike.  I called one of my best friends, Laura, and asked her to take our pictures.  I thought I would frame them and give them to Mike for Father's Day.  I didn't tell Hadley they were a surprise because I knew she would spill the beans.  However, Hadley didn't spill the beans, I did.  I am just not a secret keeper.  Oh well, Mike loved the pictures.  Go here to check them out.  And if you ever need a photographer look Laura up, she is amazing.
Here is just one from our session.


Christie's Endless Craze said...

I love these pictures. So are you the reason why Meg didn't tell us out of towners first? :) I started to tear up when I looked at all of them. You and Mike make some beautiful girls.

grandlady-mom said...

I have the picture of Hadley up on the desktop and I smile every time I get on the computer, it's beautiful, they all are. Love you