Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Megan's Graduation

On Saturday we headed to Wichita for a graduation party for our niece Megan.  It was a very fun time and we are so proud of Megan.  We are also very excited that Megan is headed to K-State next year.
Here is the graduate with Mark and Lisa.
We got to have Pig In! Pig Out barbecue for the second weekend in a row.  It is the best barbecue.  Here are the girls enjoying their food.
Almost all the girls in the family.  We were just missing two.
Mark and Lisa just built their house and it is beautiful.  They have a wonderful deck and backyard.  Granny had brought toys for the kids to play outside with.  Unfortunately the Kansas wind was a blowing.  Here are some outside pictures.
Yes the wind did that to Jillian's hair.  What a funny picture.

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laura mcpherson said...

Um, that last picture just MADE MY DAY! Holy cow, gotta love the KS wind :) I can't believe Megan is old enough to graduate! Wow...seems like she was so little at your wedding. The girls look adorable in those dresses, AND congrats to Mark and Lisa on the new house! Exciting!!