Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Days in Kansas

I am finally getting around to posting about our trip to Kansas.  It was originally going to be a short trip, about 4 days.  Unfortunately a funeral came up and we had to make an early trip.  We started our trip by picking up my sister and niece at the airport. It was an exciting 2.5 hour drive to my mom's house that included about 30 minutes of screaming and crying by Jillian and Sophia.  Oh, and Hadley had leg aches that only the driver, me, could rub.  We were very glad to pull into the driveway at my mom's house.
The next morning my sister and mom had a funeral to go to so the girls and I headed out to my Granny and Grandpa's farm.  It was a fun day of hanging out.
Papa Kirby, Hadley and Jillian
Jillian on the couch we love so much :)
Sophia and Jessica
Sophia playing
Hadley kept Granny Jean busy playing.
That night we ate at our favorite restaurant, The Triangle.  Then we headed home and had some play time with Brylee and Brennen.  The next morning we got around just in time to catch the end of Brennen's soccer game.
Here is the big guy after his game.
Now is where all the days run together a little.  We did a lot of playing at Lady's house and I can't remember which pictures go with which days.  So I am going to show all the pictures of hanging out at Lady's house.
The kids having fun.
Papa and Ethan
Eryn and Ethan
We spent Mother's day having a brunch and just enjoying visiting.
Cammie and Sophia sharing some love.
Jessica, Sophia and Lady
Auntie Jessica teaching the kids something crazy.  She is the fun aunt that everyone wants and I love that for my kiddos.
For some reason the kitchen floor is always the place to be.
Uncle J and Jillian.  She loves her Uncle J and will go to him right away.
Sophia looking beautiful.
All that fun made Auntie Cammie and Uncle J tired.
It takes a lot to slow this girl down.
Auntie Jessica and Brennen being crazy.
Ethan and Lady.  If there is a book to be read everyone takes it to Lady.
Playing with the new dot paints that Auntie Jessica gave Hadley for her birthday.  She also got her the cute paint smock she is wearing.
I think I will stop there.  More to come soon.

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