Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Recap Part Two

More of the Christmas Recap.
Just a note, most of the pictures in this post and the next few may look familiar if you read my sister's blog. She has a better camera than we do and I let her take the pictures.

On the 26th we spent the day at my mom and stepdad's or lady and papa as they are known to the kiddos. We were the first there but then everyone started arriving. By the end I think we had around 30 people there. It was a fun day!
One of the biggest highlights of the day was when my sister and her family got there. I couldn't wait to get my hands on Sophia.Here are some of the pictures from the day.

Lady with the youngest grandkids.
Hadley and Sophia. Hadley loved playing with Sophia.

Jillian and Sophia playing.

Jillian and Mommy.
Jessica, Avery, Jillian and me. We couldn't get Jillian to look at the camera.
Drew and Aunt Kim
Hadley playing with her dress-up doll from Granny Jean and Papa Kirby. This doll has been played with a lot and has been named Henryetta.

These next 2 pictures of Ethan are my favorites.

Jillian getting some quality time in with Aunt Krista.
Sophia and her beautiful eyes. I still can't get over them :)
Claire, Jillian and Aunt Krista.
Jillian practicing standing. She did this most of the trip and is now learning to crawl over things.

We had a great time with all the family that day. It went way to fast. Next post, Christmas and my dad's house.

Just a note, there are more great pictures from this day but blogger is not being nice and I can't seem to get them to upload. Sorry to those that didn't get there picture in this post :(

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