Tuesday, January 19, 2010

9 months

Jillian is 9 months old today. I love something about every stage but the 9-12 month stage is one of my favorites. Still a baby but with a ton of personality. And Jillian does have a big personality. Lots of smiles and laughing.
Some things Jillian is doing these days:
  • Crawling everywhere (She loves to crawl all over the house following Hadley.)
  • Pulling up on everything especially the couch and kitchen chairs
  • Saying mama and dada
  • Waving (When it is time to go to bed she waves bye to daddy and Hadley.)
  • Eating all the time (She especially loves all green vegetables.)
  • Watches her sister's every move
  • Sleeping a good 10 hour stretch at night (This is a new development and a huge answer to prayers.)
  • She has a new attachment to her daddy and has become really attached to him
  • Wiggling like crazy during diaper changes and getting dressed
Here are a few pictures from our photo shoot yesterday. We were sporting purple for the big K-State/Texas basketball game.

Daddy and his girl

Miss smiley

She is fighting a little bit of a cold so her eyes are watering in this picture but I just love her smile.
Sisters! Check out Hadley's goofy smile.

And one of big sister Hadley. She loves Jillian so much!

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