Monday, December 14, 2009

A Night in Bethlehem

Last night was our children's Christmas celebration at church. Instead of doing a program they put on "A Night in Bethlehem." They decorated the fellowship hall to look like Bethlehem. They had your name put on the census, the stable with Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus, a live donkey, pottery making, metal work, painting, stone mason shop and much more. Hadley seemed to have a great time once she warmed up. The tax collector and the beggar scared her at first.

Here she is looking at the donkey. It smelled awful!
Working on making a wreath.
Time to make a scroll.
Metal working making a necklace.

Time for some pottery.
Painting an angel.

At the end she wanted to pet the donkey but this is her yelling NO to having her picture taken while petting the donkey. She is a true princess.
Working on some stone mason work.

I didn't have my camera out for the best part. At each station you went to they would talk about the new baby in town and ask if you had seen Him yet. We had seen Jesus right at the beginning but after all the talking she wanted to see him again. This time she wanted to hold baby Jesus(who was a doll) and tell Him Happy Birthday. She also gave him a kiss. Mary told her that is was his nap time and they were trying to get him to sleep. Last night as we were going to bed Hadley said, "Mommy why did Jesus need a nap?" I explained that He was tired from a busy day of visitors then she said, "Mommy, I love Jesus so much." It was very precious.


grandlady-mom said...

What a great idea and a perfect ending.

Audra said...

Sounds like a great night :)