Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Funnies from Hadley

Hadley has been quite the character these last few weeks. What am I saying, she has been a character from birth. Anyways, here are a few stories from the last few weeks.

We were at Wal-Mart and she was walking next to me. She had brought her baby doll in with her. I look down and she has her shirt pulled up and is nursing her baby as we walk around the store. I promptly stopped and told her we only nurse sitting down and she could do that in the cart, hoping this would make her stop because she hates to ride in the cart. She put her shirt down and said, "Mommy, baby is done."

On the same trip to Wal-Mart I reminded her not to touch anything. She then preceded to put her baby's hands on things and said, "Mommy, baby is touching things."

She was playing with her barbie, who is naked because I am sick of putting her clothes back on. I see her touching the barbie's boobs and saying, "You have 2 boobs so you can feed your babies." (Yes I know she talks about boobs a lot but that is what happens when your mom is always nursing your little sister.)

She is obsessed with all the Disney princesses these days. So much so that she is usually Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella. I was talking to Mike on the phone and she said, "Is that my prince? Is he coming home to dance with me?"

She is always telling Jillian that she will protect her from the Wicked Witch, which is me of course. On a good day I get to be the Fairy Godmother.

These are just a few of the many things she has said or done to make me laugh. I am sure I have forgotten a few great ones but am trying my best to remember them all.


grandlady-mom said...

Thank you for sharing WW. Love you

Krista said...

They do light up your life, don't they? Be sure to write them down!!! Oh, I guess you just did. :)

laura mcpherson said...

She's a funny girl :) Love that pink hat too!!