Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mike's birthday night

I just realized I never blogged about what we did for Mike's birthday, probably because it was so low key. Each month we have a Fellowship Dinner at church. September's happened to land on Mike's birthday. I told him we could skip and go out to eat but he wanted to go to church. I took a dessert to the dinner at church and he wanted me to take fruit pizza which is one of his favorites. I thought we still needed to celebrate at home so Hadley picked out at cookie cake with a football on it at the store. After church we headed home to celebrate.
Daddy and Jillian
Hadley, looks like she needs more sugar before bed :)
Make a wish
Mike got a new toy (2003 Cobra Mustang)-I'll will post pictures another time- in August and all he wanted for his birthday was new tires. I knew better than to pick those out so he is buying his own birthday present. We still wanted to get him something little. We got him a new K-State t-shirt for football season and a griddle for pancake making. He is the household pancake maker even Hadley will say, "Mommy no make pancakes, Daddy do." So here is what we got him and he used it Saturday morning.

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