Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cowley County Fair

While we were in Kansas we went to the 2009 Cowley County Fair. We split it up and went 2 nights. One night for the animals and one night for the rides. However the kids talked us into rides on both nights.

My brother Jordan, his wife Cammie and their kiddos Brylee and Brennen, my mom and my Granny and Grandpa went with us the first night.

We checked out the animals.

On the second night we went with my brother's family and my dad and stepmom. Mike also got to go for a little bit on the second night.

Hadley didn't have a fear of too many rides. She talked about riding the Ferris wheel until they got in line and she heard the loud noises of the machines. Here they are in line.

She loved the kiddie rides. They even had a little alligator roller coaster she went on . She loved it until right at the end when the boy behind her started crying, she then joined in the crying. She even got to drive her first Mustang. Daddy was so proud.

Here are some pictures of the kids on the rides. You will also notice my sister-in-law Cammie riding in one. I made her pose as a Homecoming queen :) She may never talk to me again for posting the picture but I thought it was cute :)

Jillian was all smiles.

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