Sunday, August 30, 2009


Hadley is the proud owner of her very first Barbie.

Mike was wondering if I even knew what a Barbie was since I played with GI Joes growing up. I left all the girly stuff to my sister.
Anyways... I took the girls with me to a consignment sale and Hadley latched on to the pink Barbie car. I let her get it thinking she would have a Dora doll that could drive it. I was wrong. She had some money that she was going to spend on vacation but we never went shopping so I asked her if she wanted to buy a doll for her car. That was a yes. So we headed to Target. She had to keep her money in her pocket. I think she was afraid that I would spend it. We headed to the toy aisle and she found a Barbie in a bikini. I made her pick out a dress for the Barbie. We didn't need to much skin showing. However I am sure that Barbie will ended up naked and with cut hair at some point in time.
Barbie now has the honor of sitting in her car next to the boat at all times.

Barbie just sits in her car most of the time so I am not sure if she is a hit or not yet. We will give it time. I am still holding out hope for a love of GI Joes and football helmets.


Anonymous said...

With Hadley's love of her favorite tutu and dressing up, I'm thinking your best bet for GI Joes and football helmets may be Julian!!! : )
Just a thought!!!!

Laura said...

Great choice, Hadley! That's my girl!!
Aunt Lala will play barbies with you anytime :)

mom-grandlady said...

I think the world may be coming to an end I NEVER thought you would buy a barbie for anyone!!!! Watch Jillian be the tomboy of the family. Great pictures. Love you

Anonymous said...

oops sorry, just noticed I misspelled Jillian.