Friday, April 24, 2009

The last few days....


I have a few minutes and wanted to get caught up on the last few days. Boy have they been exciting. Being the mom of two is a wonderful and challenging thing. Hadley is adjusting well with a few rough patches here and there. She has a lot of love to give her little sister. Here are a ton of pictures of what has been happening since last Sunday.

Here I am in the hospital at about 8am on Sunday.

My contractions had been off and on for about a week before all of this. Saturday we had Hadley's birthday party (that is another post) and family in town. We ate dinner and were all hanging out when my contractions started to get a pattern and get harder. This was around 8:30pm. My mom was in town for the weekend so I didn't have to worry about calling someone to watch Hadley. We put Hadley to bed and then we decided to try and get some rest. Around 1am I decided to call the doctor because my contractions were about 7 minutes apart and had been for about an hour. He told me to head to the hospital and get checked. Of course first Mike had to take a shower, we had to check on Hadley 100 times, take the trash out and then we got on our way. The ride to the hospital was bumpier than it had ever been :)
We got to the hospital and got checked. I was 4cm dilated. The doctor said to go ahead and admit me. So we got a room and tried to get comfortable. We had a very talkative nurse. This was not what Mike wanted (remember it was 2:30am). She even said to me, "These aren't very strong contractions." Easy for her to say.
She got me situated, gave me some pain medicine and let us rest. Around 6am she checked me again and I was 6cm dilated. This was good progress. She let me know the doctor would be in at 8am to break my water. I decided that this time around I wanted the epidural before he broke my water. So around 7:15am God sent an angel to my room with the good stuff. After that is was a breeze. The doctor broke my water at 8:15am. At this point I was dilated to a 7 or 8 and not really progressing. They gave me a little pitocin and that did the trick. At 10:16am and after about 4 pushes out came Jillian Ruth. I forgot to add that at 6:30am we got a new nurse and she was amazing.

Jillian Ruth 7lbs 4oz 20in

Our first visitors, Grandlady and big sister Hadley. Next to visit was Granny.

My good friend Christie also happened to be passing through Tulsa and stopped by for a visit.

Another visit from Big sister. This time she was a little more comfortable.

Hanging out in the hospital with a purple bow!

Daddy and his girl.

Grandpa Kent and Grandma Terry came to visit.
Time to go home.
At home big sister was practicing her skills on her dolls.
Getting some sun while sister tries out her new trike.

More loving for the sisters.
On Wednesday, Earth Day, Grandlady and Hadley planted flowers.
And finally a picture of what Jillian does best, sleep. Mike and I have both said a few times, did you know babies can sleep without being held or bounced. This was not the case for Hadley. If all babies were this easy we might have quite a few :)

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Kim said...

Congrats Amber, Jillian is a beautiful baby. There is nothing quite like having little girls. Take care of yourself.