Saturday, April 4, 2009

{get REAL}

My wonderful friend Laura at Elephant Juice posted another {get REAL} challenge :
What has been consuming your time this week?
This was the perfect question for me because I have been so bad about blogging. So, I am going to catch up in one post that is FULL of pictures.
This week started out with a trip to the hospital for a preadmission appointment. While I was there Hadley got to spend time with her friend Sarah.

Then we made a quick trip to Kansas for my Grandma's funeral. It was a sad time but also a nice time to visit with family I had not seen in a long time. We were in Kansas for barely 26 hours and then back home. I forgot my camera (sorry Jess) so no pictures of this trip.

On Wednesday, we played catch up with cleaning and laundry. Then on Thursday this is what consumed my whole day...

I caught the dreaded cold that had been going around. It knocked me off my feet. Poor Hadley had to entertain herself while I was on the couch all day. She was great and even used her doctor kit to help me feel better.

On Friday, Hadley got an early birthday present, tickets to ELMO LIVE! She loved every minute of it and kept hugging me during the whole show. It was fun to watch her reaction to them singing and dancing. We were only a few rows back from the stage so some of the characters came right to our seats. Hadley did not want anything to do with this but was more then happy to clap and dance while watching them on the stage. I even broke down and bought her a big Elmo ballon, which is her new best friend. She told Granny about it on the phone and got on the webcam to show Grandlady. We went to the show with our close friends and neighbors, Katy, Alex and Reagan.

The rest of Friday was spent back on the couch. We were all in bed by 9:30 that night. Mike has been swamped at work so he even hit the sack early.

Saturday started out early as usual (Hadley does not know the meaning of sleeping in). We had breakfast, did laundry and did a grocery run to Wal-Mart. Then we grilled hamburgers for lunch and headed to our neighbor Alex's 5th birthday party. By the time we got home Hadley was long overdue for a nap. While Hadley and I were enjoying a nap, Mike was out working hard extending our patio. When Hadley woke up she jumped out of bed to go help dad. If daddy is home Hadley is right by his side.

Here is a picture of the other thing consuming all my time and energy... this large 36 week belly.I am beginning to wonder if I will have any clothes that will fit by the end of this pregnancy.

So there you have it, a long post of what we have been up to. Our calender looks just as busy for the next couple of weeks and then it will be time for baby. Wow, didn't I just do a post on being pregnant? Where does time go?

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