Sunday, February 22, 2009

30 weeks

We have reached the 3o week mark of this pregnancy. It has gone fast! I am still feeling good just a little more tired each day and a little more uncomfortable each day. It may be a long 10 weeks. :) I am thankful that everything has gone great so far and the baby and I are healthy.
We still have no idea on names. We think we have something figured out and then one of us changes our minds. The only things we know for sure are Ruth for a girl middle name (after Mike's grandmother) and Michael for a boy middle name (after Mike). Let me know any suggestions you have. We like unique names and names that can not be shortened to nicknames. That is not asking too much is it??? I am also trying to find a name with a y in it. Call me crazy.
Now for the pictures. Here is my 30 weeks shot.
Here is a shot when I was 31 weeks pregnant with Hadley.

Might be another girl. I feel like I am carrying lower but I think the pictures look about the same.


Anonymous said...

I think your face looks a lot thinner now then in the 1st pregnancy! - Cammie

Jessica B said...

I bought that sweater you are wearing in the top pictures last week. I forgot you had gotten it when you were here. Maybe we can both wear them when I am home and be twin :)

Laura said...

You look beautiful at 30 weeks! I was thinking you were carrying lower and it was a boy...but from the pictures, it looks about the same. I can't wait to see!!!