Friday, October 10, 2008

Big Girl Bed

Last night was a big first at our house. Hadley slept all night in her big girl bed. About a month ago she started to refuse to sleep in her crib. She would scream anytime she was put in there. We tried everything but nothing worked to get her to sleep in her crib again. So, thus began the long nights of Hadley sleeping with mommy and daddy. She doesn't sleep with her head on the pillows, she likes her head in daddy's side and feet in mommy's back. That does not make for a good nights sleep.
On Wednesday, Mike picked up a toddler bed and got it all put together. In the process Hadley feel asleep in our bed. We decided to leave her there for the night and Mike slept on the couch. Poor guy.
Last night Mike had to work late so I started the night time routine while he was gone. I gave Hadley a bath, we read stories, rocked and then it was time to get in her big girl bed. She was having none of that. So, she feel asleep on the guest bed but we were able to move her into her bed and she slept there all night. Here is praying that she will start to go to sleep in her big girl bed and then we can move on to getting rid of her binky!


Theresa said...

How exciting! Good luck on the transition and even more luck when it's time to get rid of the paci!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck! I am still battling Brylee and getting her to sleep in her crib all night. -Cammie

stephanie said...

Love the big girl bed. I wish you all the best. Lydia still crawls in with us. Well take care and how are you feeling?

Laura said...

YAY for the big girl bed! It looks so cute :) I hope you have great luck with it and the paci. Can you believe your little girl is out of the crib already?!?

Hope everyone is feeling better at your house. I guess we'll evaluate the sick kids on Monday and decide on the trip :)