Monday, December 3, 2012

Family in town

A few week ago we had the pleasure of hosting our first big group at the new house.  We had 14 people counting our family.  My Aunt Krista, Uncle Tim, and cousins, Cole, Claire and Cade were here from Minnesota.  My mom, Granny and Grandpa all came from Kansas.  And my Aunt Kim came over from Enid.  They all got here on Friday afternoon.  We had dinner and then a group headed to the high school football game.  On Saturday some of us went to Hadley's last soccer game of the season.  Then we had a wonderful taco feast for lunch.  They all had to leave late Saturday afternoon.  It was a short trip but we loved have everyone here and can't wait for them all to come back.

Lady and Jillian enjoying a meal at the new dining room table.

More of the crew eating.
Aunt Kim loves to color and thought we had set a coloring table just for her :)
Can you tell they are sisters?
Granny Jean loving on her great grandson.
Claire and Jillian ( I still hear once a day, "When is are the Neuberts coming back?")
Claire reading the girls bedtime stories.  If Claire lived closer she would be hired as our babysitter.  She is great with the girls and the girls love her.  Claire was the flower girl in our wedding.
Aunt Krista might have a small facebook addiction :)
More love from Granny Jean.
This boy looks more like his daddy each day.
Claire, Cole, Hadley and Cade
Tim making his FANTASTIC salsa.  I have been known to eat it with a spoon, it is that good.

This little girl was excited about a Wildcat football game!
My little man and me.

Granny Jean loves babies and they love her!
Grandpa almost managed to avoid the camera all weekend and at Thanksgiving.  Next time I see him, he is getting his own photo shoot.
Can you tell we are a Wildcat family???
Claire, Krista and Trenton
What would we do with out technology these days?
I can't wait for everyone to come back, so get in your cars and head this way.

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