Saturday, March 3, 2012

Vacation Days 4 and 5

I am still trying to blog about our vacation from a month ago.  We have been a little busy around here.  We spent the last two weeks getting our house ready to go on the market.  We are also making lots of decisions about the house we are building.  Back to the vacation...

We spent Day 4 of our vacation enjoying Disneyland for one last day.  We spent all day there and all the girls did great.  First we had to stop and buy some Minnie Mouse ears.  All the girls got them at some point during the trip but we didn't get a picture of them all together.  Jillian was ready to pose in her ears.
Next up it was time for Toon Town.  We visited Mickey's House.

Pluto looks a little different than I remember.

This is a look into my future.
There was a little roller coaster in Toon Town that all of the little girls loved.  Unfortunately pregnant women couldn't ride it and my dad doesn't do any roller coasters.  Here we are waiting for the crew on the roller coaster.
Next stop was Minnie's house.

After Toon Town our group split up for awhile.  Jess and her crew stayed to watch the Mickey parade.  My crew headed over to California Adventure for the Phineas and Ferb show.  Phineas and Ferb our a favorite at our house.  Jillian was very tired at this point and fell asleep on the way over to the show.  I tried to wake her up for the show but she wouldn't wake.  She woke up about 10 minutes after the show and said, "Where are Phineas and Ferb."  She was very sad that she missed it so we had to go get ice cream to make it all better.
Waiting for the show to start.

Here comes the Phineas and Ferb dance party.

Ice cream makes everything better.

After this we rode some more rides and called it a night.  Everyone was very tired.

Our last day of vacation was spent shopping and relaxing.  We headed to Downtown Disney for some shopping and lunch at Rainforest Cafe.  The girls were getting all their loving in before we had to say goodbye the next day.
Can you tell how much the men love shopping?
Jessica and I had to get a belly picture in.
After lunch we headed back to the hotel to watch the Super Bowl.  The girls did some coloring.

 The next morning we all said goodbye and headed home.  It was a great vacation and we made many great memories.  Thanks Dad and Terry for a great time.

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Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

What a fun time, I bet your girls are still talking about it!

Building a house, selling a house and having a baby~girl, you are busy!!!