Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Little Dollhouse

A couple of weeks ago was Fall Break here and the girls were out of school Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  We made sure to do something fun on each day.  On Wednesday we had a special crafting MOPS meeting.  We painted pumpkins and made Fall tree paintings.  It was a great time and Hadley was excited to be able to see her old friends from MOPS.  On Thursday we had a playdate with one of Jillian's best friends from school, Brynlee.  The girls had fun and the mommies did too.  On Friday we used a Living Social deal I had purchased for My Little Dollhouse.  Niki and Olivia also joined us there.  The girls got to dress-up, have their nails done, make-up done, dance and put on a fashion show.  This was just right for the girly girls.

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