Monday, October 17, 2011

Super Bee

When we picked Hadley up from school on Friday she had a special friend with her.  His name is Super Bee and she got to bring him home because she had super "bee"havior at school.  We are so proud of her!  We got to keep Super Bee for the weekend and take pictures of all the things he did with us.  Then Hadley drew a few pictures of her with Super Bee, wrote a few sentences about his weekend and then we printed some pictures to add to her book.  She had to take Super Bee back to school this morning and was a little sad to see him go.
 The first thing Hadley and Super Bee did was go for a bike ride (Uncle Matt this was a picture before the ride, she did have a helmet on to ride).
 Then Super Bee came inside to meet stripey.
 Next up time for some Highlights magazine with Super Bee.
 Hadley let Jillian touch Super Bee at total of one time!
 More bike riding and a stop for a snack picnic.
 Super Bee got to play dress-up.
 Saturday morning Super Bee came with us on a trip to Lowes.
 On Sunday Super Bee went with us to the Pumpkin Patch to meet Hadley's class.  It was neat to see Hadley interact with all of the kids in her class.  I did learn she is a social butterfly!  She also seems to be very popular with the boys (shhhh don't tell her daddy).

 Both of the girls asked to go on the pony rides.  With their fear of animals we jumped at the chance to get them close to a live animal.  It did not go well.  Hadley rode but cried the whole time.  Jillian would not even get on the horse.
 Jillian did like the tractor train ride.
 We are so proud of Hadley's behavior and hope that Super Bee comes to visit again!

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Anonymous said...

WHAT???? Hadley a social butterfly?!
I'm shocked!!! lol
I'm glad both girls are having a great time at school. And congratulations on the half marathon. That is quite an accomplishment. Take care,