Thursday, October 14, 2010

Always remember... (Jillian edition)

Just a few things that I don't want to forget about Jillian at almost 18 months.
  • She wants to do everything Hadley does.  I love to watch her watching Hadley and then trying to do the same thing.  It is so cute.
  • She is in love with her "bel but" (belly button).  It is a comfort thing for her to pull up her shirt and play with her belly button.  You will know when she is tired or uneasy because she starts playing with her belly button.  I can't dress her in onesies anymore because she gets mad that she can't get to her belly button.
  • She loves to bring you and book and says, "ree" (read).  This all started after Sophia visited and did the same thing.
  • She is deathly afraid of dogs.  If she hears one barking she comes running and is usually shaking.  It doesn't help that we got new neighbors that have dogs that bark nonstop.
  • She has to sleep with her pillow pet that is a ladybug.  She calls is bug-bug.
  • She will eat about anything you put in front of her.  She really likes to eat whatever mom and dad are trying to eat and only from our fork or spoon.
  • She does not like to be barefoot outside.
  • She loves to brush teeth and will run for the bathroom anytime you say teeth.
  • She runs to the bathroom and says "pot" (potty), anytime we asked Hadley if she has to go to the bathroom.
  • She loves to cuddle right after she wakes up in the morning or after nap.
  • She goes running for the door yelling "da-da" the minute she hears Mike get home.
  • She is adorable and we love her more and more each day!


Christie's Endless Craze said...

I can't believe how big she looks in that picture and those pig tails!! She is growing up so fast... Give her a hug and kiss from me :)

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! What a good list.