Friday, May 22, 2009


Thank goodness it is Friday! I love Fridays, it means I have an extra set of hands around for a couple of days. This weekend is even better with the extra day.
We started off are Holiday weekend with some fun. Grandlady was in town for the day. She is on her way to visit my sister and family. The girls loved getting some Grandlady time. She even watched both the girls while I got my hair cut. Why is it so hard to leave your little one for the first time even if you are only gone 1.5 hours?

Here is a picture of the girls with Grandlady. Check out Hadley's face.

Here is picture of my chunk of love hanging out in one of her favorite spots, the swing.
Earlier this week Hadley and I had some visitors in the garage, 2 ducks. We had to get them out by giving them bread. Well, I guess they liked it because they have been in our yard all week. We fed them once and they won't leave.
Here are some pictures from the front yard today.

After we dropped Grandlady off at the airport and Mike finished up yard work we headed to get dinner. We picked up pizza and brought it home. It was so beautiful out that we decided to eat on the patio.

Our new friends joined us too.

After dinner it was time for some bubble fun.

Yes my daughter is in a tutu. When they are 2, you must choose your battles wisely.

Here is what chunk of love did the whole time we were outside.

I will leave you with a picture of my favorite flowers in the yard. Mike gets all the credit for gardening. I just sit back and enjoy the view. Have a great weekend.

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