Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby Wearing

When Hadley was little I wore her as much as possible. I had a Peanut Shell sling and a Mei Tai wrap. When I got pregnant with Jillian I knew I wanted to try another wrap. I began looking for the perfect one. I ended up buying a wrap from here. I have only used it once and already love it. Jillian fit perfect and slept the whole time.

Here is a picture of me wearing Jillian.

My view...For Hadley's birthday Grandlady gave her a sling to carry her babies in.


Anonymous said...

What cute little mommys. I'm glad Jillian likes to be worn. Love you, Mom

Laura said...

Ahh...she looks so comfy and peaceful in there! What's the weight limit on that thing?!?! I'm having a rough day, and would love to just climb in and go to sleep :)

I need to try out all your baby wearing gear sometime. I definitely want to "wear" my next baby!