Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween and Fall

What a busy time of year. Last Thursday, we took our monkey trick-or-treating at the zoo with some friends. She left her costume on for about 30 seconds. Here is the one picture I got.On Friday, we headed to Winfield. My mom had chili waiting for us when we got there. I love chili in the Fall. Then we headed to Megan and Brent's for a BFE Halloween picture. It was fun to see the kiddos dressed up.

Norah (strawberry), Barrett (biker baby), Lydia (KSU cheerleader), Hadley (monkey)

Then we took Hadley back to my mom's to stay the night without us. We were a little worried that she wouldn't want to stay without us. Boy were we wrong. She was at the door saying bye and we were asking for more kisses. My mom said she did GREAT! Mike and I stayed the night at my dad's and then got up bright and early to head to the KSU/KU game. What a disappointment. One of the worst games I have ever seen.

After the game we headed out to my Granny and Grandpa's for some visiting and good Mexican food. Hadley had a fun time and it was great to relax and talk. Then on Sunday we spent lots of time outside at my dad's and my mom's. We also got to visit with my Grandpa and then headed back home.
Here are some of the pictures of Hadley and all of the Fall colors.

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Jessica B said...

Your daughter sure does love to hug trees. She must have learned that from her Grandlady :)