Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby #2 update

We had another doctor's appointment yesterday and everything is going great. The baby is around the size of an avocado. I think according to my stomach he/she is more like a melon but that is just me. I know some people post belly pics but not me. I am not up for publishing my pregnant belly for the world to see :)

Our next doctor's appointment is December 15 and we will have an ultrasound. They would be able to tell us at that point if it is a boy or girl but we have decided to be surprised on the big day! I think it will be fun to have that waiting at the end of labor!


Jessica B said...

Come on, I want to see belly pic :) They don't have to be bare belly or anything.

Anonymous said...

Great decision to wait! We never found out with any of our kids. It's fun to make everyone else wait too. Aren't I mean?

Christie's Endless Craze said...

Agree with Jessica, show me that baby bump! Can't wait for May 1!