Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hadley is a talker! And I don't just mean talks here and there. This girl can talk for hours. She has really been on a roll as of late. Here is a video of her at lunch yesterday. She didn't even let the food in her mouth stop her. She would not eat unless the play phone was at the table with her. I think we are in for some trouble when she is a teen.



Bethany said...

How sweet! Some of her faces were CRACKING me up! Kids are so, so funny!

Thanks for sharing!!

Jessica B said...

I love how she smiled because she thought you were taking her picture. I also like a girl who accessorizes during lunch :)

Anonymous said...

I felt like I was sitting there with her, thank you. I love how she talks on the phone. Love you, Gandlady

aleshia said...

and i love a girl with a good appetite! she's darling-evan wanted to watch her over and over again, he thought she was funny! aleshia