Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy 32nd Birthday!

Today is my wonderful husband's 32nd birthday. He has to work, so not a very special day for him. And he has the cold that I had this weekend. He did request a homemade key lime pie for his dessert. So, Hadley and I will try to make that today. I hope it is edible.

For Mike's birthday I thougth I would share a few of the things I love about him.
  • He is a wonderful father and would do anything for Hadley. He even goes in to check on her throughout the night.

  • He makes me feel safe. Before going to bed each night he checks to make sure all the doors are locked and then goes and watches over Hadley for a few minutes.

  • He is funny (most of the time). He always knows how to make me laugh.

  • He speaks my language of sarcasim fluently.

  • He can laugh at my OCD and even has a touch of it himself.

  • He helps in the kitchen and with the laundry. Now you know why I married the man.

  • He would much rather spend a night at home with Hadley and me then be out doing something.

I could go on and on.

Mike, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I love you!

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Christie's Endless Craze said...

Tell Mike Happy Birtday for me! What a cute picture I took :) How did the key lime pie turn out?