Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 1 of vacation

Wednesday, February 1st was travel day for us.  We had been talking to the girls about this day for months.  They were so excited to go to Disneyland and just as excited to fly.  We had a mid-morning flight so it was nice to not be rushed to get to the airport.  The girls did GREAT on the flights.  We had a stop in Phoenix but no plane change so we were on the plane a long time.  I did not here a fuss out of the girls the whole time.  Santa must have been thinking about our trip when he brought the girls Leadpads for Christmas.  They got a lot of use on this trip.  My only complaint of the trip was how small the airplane bathroom was.  It was quite a tight squeeze for preggo mommy and Jillian to fit in there no less than 5 times.  Once we got to California we took a shuttle to the hotel to meet up with my Dad and Terry.  Jess, Matt and Sophia got there about two hours after us.  The first thing the girls wanted to do was swim. 

Jillian forgot she was not wearing her floatie and stepped off the stairs.  This cut her swimming time short.  But she sure did look cute all curled up in her towel watching sister.
After everyone was settled in their rooms we ordered pizza and all hung out.  We wanted to get the girls to bed at a good time to be ready for our first day at Disneyland.

Before bed Auntie Jessica had a craft for us to do.  Each girl got to make a Mickey book to have all the characters sign.  They turned out adorable.

After our craft project it was time for bed.  Next up Disneyland!

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laura mcpherson said...

LOVE the pics!!! Looks like a great day 1!! Those craft projects are just adorable. What a great idea :)