Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pretty,Pretty Princess

Hadley got an early birthday present from her friend Sarah.  It was the game Pretty, Pretty Princess.  This may be the best gift ever for Hadley.  It is a game that you have to earn different pieces of jewelry and a tiara to win.  She loves to play it and asks me to play it all the time.

Her favorite part is getting to wear earrings.  She asks me all the time when she can get "real" earrings.  It will be a long time until she gets earrings but for now clip-ons will work.
Here she is after she won.


Krista said...

The best part of that game is when the daddies play!

Amber said...

I agree Krista. Last night I talked on the phone with Jess and watched Mike and Hadley play.

Theresa said...

I remember playing this with my sister when she was little (and my dad would even wear the jewelry too). Kelton has the boy version...Busy Busy Builder